It has been suggested through Cro-Magnon artifacts that the early modern humans could sew, and even create woven garments.

The first seamstresses, if you will.

Style wasn't their main concern, so much as survival.

These days, though, style and survival seem to be one in the same.
You can't survive in this town -- in this world -- without looking your best. Not only your personal best; but what those around you perceive to be the best for you.

It's a mad world, but here we all are living in it.

So I offer you my current fashion-solution. I've always been a when-in-doubt-wear-all-black kind of girl. Which has ultimately resulted in me dressing as though I am always in doubt. After staring at some navy slip dress on an arbitrary trendy online shopping site, I began to think. It's not the black that's the solution...it's the simple monochromatic palette. So why not apply that rule to any (and possibly, every) color?

I threw a few ideas together on Polyvore. Whether or not I'm brave enough to ditch the all-black comfort blanket remains to be seen. I'm sure if my survival depended on it, I could easily find a bit of colorful motivation.


Hindsight... it's 20/20

So... I'm kind of bummed that in a fit of insanity, I completely deleted all of my old blog posts.

I'm kind of bummed that I stopped blogging entirely.

If anyone is still out there... I think I'm ready to come back.

Get ready.


so, here's the thing.

this doesn't inspire me anymore.

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